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NWA Zipper Fleece


We have a limited "test" run on some NWA zippered fleece with an embroidered logo on the chest for $25 ea ($3 to ship if need be).

Qtys: Blue (XXL) 2; (XL) 1; (LG) 2; (Med) 3; Green (XL) 3; (LG) 1. Orders filled is order received via Paypal.

Depending on interest we can order more and in other sizes, colors and styles




NWA Straps

Now's the time to place your order for our brand new shipment of those GREAT black NWA straps. You can't beat the price and the quality. We have new lengths and even those loop straps that have all kinds of uses.

NOTE: Some quantities might not be immediately available, but we will do our best to fill orders in a timely manner or offer a substitute item.

NWA Straps Cost
NWAStrap Compare To
Lengths Price General Retail
1' $2.75 $3.70
2' $2.99 $3.90
3' $3.25 $4.05
4' $3.50 $4.35
6' $3.75 $4.70
9' $3.99 $5.30
12' $4.75 $5.70
15' $5.25 $6.30
20' $5.99 $7.20
Loop Strap
4' $4.50 $5.50
6' $4.75 $5.80
9' $5.25 $6.30


1-foot straps ($2.75 ea.)
NWA 2-foot straps ($2.99 ea.)
3-foot straps ($3.25 ea.)
4-foot straps ($3.50 ea.)
6-foot straps ($3.75 ea.)
9-foot straps ($3.99 ea.)
12-foot straps ($4.75 ea.)
15-foot straps ($5.25 ea.)
20-foot straps ($5.99 ea.)
NWA 4-foot loop straps
6-foot loop straps ($4.75 ea.)
9-foot loop straps ($5.25 ea.)

NWA Oar Tethers
Don't hit the water without these quality items that keep your oars from popping loose and possibly sinking when you need them the most.



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