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Thanks for making the 20th annual Fools Float a FUN day on the river!!!

NWA was featured is a story on KXLY TV's website for the 20th Annual Fools Float that drew 32 fools and 19 boats. Click here for the story link.




'Fotoz' from the 20th Annual Fools Float

Original Fools Float participants Paul Delaney and Bob Clark toast prior to the 20th edition.

Part of the fleet of 19 boats at the 20th Annual Fools Float.

Paul Delaney's Fools Float crew included Pam, Michelle and Mark.

The view downstream from the Bowl & Pitcher certainly had a wintery look to it at the 20th Annual Fools Float.

Below the Devil's Toenail at the the 20th Annual Fools Float.

John Flaherty, Wayne Benjamin and Bart Rayniak toast the start of the 2013 boating season following the successful conclusion of the 20th Annual Fools Float.


Dynamite video and time-lapse of the start of demolition at the Condit Dam

Click here to check out amazing – and different – video of the Condit Dam dynamiting on Wed., Oct. 26! Thanks to ths Spokesman Review's Rich Landers for the link.

Thanks to all that participated in the

2nd Annual


Introducing Peak 7 Adventures


Peak 7 Adventures is a grassroots outdoor adventure non-profit organization aimed at taking young people into the wilderness to show them the wonder of God's creation. Wilderness adventures challenge participants to expand their horizons by fostering trust relationships and team building skills.

Peak 7 targets youth who are underprivileged or have been labeled "at-risk". We provide a positive alternative to the typical behaviors and habits that youth in our society often fall into.

Peak 7 whitewater rafting and kayaking, rock climbing and backpacking trips challenge these youth physically, mentally, and spiritually; encouraging them to evaluate what they put their faith in. These once-in-a-lifetime opportunities have an immeasurable impact on the participants and promote all-around healthier lifestyles.

Most individuals in our targeted population cannot afford the cost. We therefore rely on individual and corporate contributions to subsidize these trips. If you would like to partner with us in this endeavor, please go to Thanks for joining the team.


A tale of how to protect your gear

Paul Delaney enjoys the fact that his stolen raft returned home after two years in the hands of thieves. This photo was taken May 9 in the same driveway the boat was stolen from on May 19, 2007.


Rich Landers The Spokesman-Review

Hard-knock situations suffered by others are instructive to outdoor   fanatics. We pore over avalanche incident reports, climbing journals and paddler chat rooms to help set our next course based on where others went wrong - or   right.

Hence, this tale of a well-prepared Spokane Valley whitewater boater, even though it doesn't take place on the   water. Click here to read more






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